1. What does the guarantee mean?
    It means that we take the time to go over all of your concerns so that your reception is done the way you want it. If we don’t perform to the agreed upon specifications, you get money back.
  2. Will you help us put together a timeline of events for our reception?
    If requested, we are more than happy to provide assistance in planning your reception. We have many creative ideas that help you plan an event your guests will long remember.
  3. How do your entertainers interact with our guests?
    The success of your reception will hinge on the ability of the entertainer to develop a relationship with your guests. Unless requested to do so by our clients, our entertainers are trained in literally dozens of different activities to get your guests involved and to bring families together. These range from low key and elegant to wild. It’s your choice.
  4. What are your policies regarding sound volume?
    You have spent thousands of dollars on your reception and an incredible amount of time planning it. Your requests on sound volume are our number one priority.
  5. What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use only professional audio equipment. Each of our sound systems has been designed to provide clear sound. Volume is adjusted to appropriate levels. Our goal is to produce high quality original sounds, not loud volume.
  6. If we want the entertainer to play longer, what do we do?
    Check with your entertainer and the establishment. If both are in agreement, then your entertainer will arrange an extra charge based on the amount of time requested. The fee must be paid to the entertainer in cash before the additional time begins.
  7. What will the entertainer be wearing to my reception?
    Unless you specify differently, we require our entertainers to wear a tuxedo.
  8. What time will the entertainer arrive for our reception?
    Our entertainers arrive at least an hour before start time to set up and test all of the equipment.
  9. Do we need to offer the entertainer dinner?
    Although not required, eight hours is a long time without a meal. The entertainer would appreciate being offered dinner.
  10. Can we talk with our entertainer before our reception?
    Our entertainers call you the week before your reception to go over the details of the reception with you.
  11.  How many songs can be played in a four hour dance?
    An average of 50-70 songs can be played.
  12. Can we make song requests during the dance?
    Absolutely! The show will be tailored to your requests.
  13. If we don’t want a song played, what do we do?
    Let us know the songs you don’t want to hear and we’ll note it on the specifications for your reception.